We contribute to our local economy by supporting local businesses as much as possible to supply goods and services for a variety of functions and activities. Our investment in our local community with regards to training, skills and business development furthermore contributes to the growth of our local economy.


We care about making a sustainable difference in our community, this organisation is run by the community for the community.


Our structures promote good governance and accountability. The accountability promoted by the transparency of the NPO facilitates integrity in all our decision-making.


We have a group of skilled individuals contributing various forms of expertise to the management of this organisation.


We reflect annually on all the aspects of the PBBRA to continuously improve and grow the organisation.


Stimulating economic development by supporting local businesses and promoting them

Social inclusion by persuading the local community and schools to participate in organising and taking part in the events

The effective use and management of facilities and assets

A Long-term Vision with regards to our NPO, its goals and the possibilities that its fundraising initiatives can unlock


Agri Association


Coordinate Agri functions through the Agri Association to promote sustainable business development.

Farmworkers Forum


Coordinate the Farmworkers Forum to promote sustainable job opportunities and improve living conditions.

Farm Watch


Coordinate the farm watch to promote a safe environment and reduce crime incidents, working closely with our local SAPS.

Health Care


Coordination of improved access to health care in the community.

Healthy Living


Create awareness of substance abuse and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Public Transport


Research public transport solutions and play a coordinating role to implement these solutions.

Recreational Activities


Coordinate recreational activities including a variety of sport and cultural activities.



Provide support to children and youth groups in the community.



Coordinate training for employees, businesses, residents, and jobseekers.