South African fynbos grows in a coastal belt 100km- to 200km wide extending from the West Coast to the south-east coast. It makes up 80% of the Cape Floral Region, a world of finely branched plants exquisitely adapted to flourish in poor soils and wildly varying rainfall.


South African fynbos largely makes up the tiniest floral kingdom in the world. South Africa's conservation of fynbos is critical to the survival of this botanical treasure. Many fynbos species are specialists and some occur only on a few hectares – nowhere else. Encouragingly, 20% of this kingdom is officially conserved, but its sheer diversity means that much remains unprotected.


South African fynbos vegetation includes proteas, ericas and restios (reeds). This flower kingdom is the origin of some of the world's favourite plants: gladioli, freesias, nerines, agapanthus and ixia, and, of course, those beloved geraniums and pelargoniums.







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Wild Almond / Wildeamandel

(Brabejum stellatifolium)